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A Business Keynote Speaker with a Transformative Message

Christos Provistalis has a mission to help organizations reframe and rethink their corporate culture, resulting in an enhanced customer experience. This inspirational speaker has helped many businesses and non-profits discover the motivation and purpose behind their operations, leading to periods of renewal.

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About Christos

In 1994, Christos was happily taken out of high school for a week to help open his family’s pizzeria, Pleasant Pizza in Willimantic, Connecticut. He worked there throughout high school and while attending college full-time. After his graduation, at the age of 23, he became solely responsible for the operation for two years. In 2002, Christos purchased the liquor store next door to the pizzeria, creating a great synergy between the two businesses (Who doesn’t love pizza and beer?). Christos successfully ran the liquor store until selling it in 2007.

Christos then moved to Orlando, Florida, where he attended Disney University and realized his passion for customer service. Disney is known as the worldwide leader in customer service, and through their signature courses, they have taught executives from around the world how to design exemplary service experiences.

He had the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of dynamic leaders and executives during his time with the company. Christos became a guest service leader at Walt Disney World’s flagship resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. During his time with the resort, Christos served Angelica Rivera; the First Lady of Mexico, Tina Fey, the Real Housewives of OC, high-level government officials, and executives from Fortune 100 companies.

In 2016, Christos moved back home to pursue a relationship with his now-wife, Erin. Simultaneously, Dimitri, Christos‘s youngest brother, took over the family business. Christos rejoined the family business in 2017 and assisted Dimitri in running the operation until his successful exit in 2021. Christos assisted Dimitri in growing revenues fourfold. In 2019, Pleasant Pizza was named the second-best pizzeria in the state by Connecticut’s premiere newspaper, The Hartford Courant.

In addition to his speaking, training, and consulting services, Christos serves on the board of directors for a local nonprofit commercial kitchen. In this capacity, he assists restauranteurs with developing a strong foundation to craft their stories. He is also an active member of his local Lions Club which helps numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the state. Christos lives with his wife Erin in Connecticut and loves to travel, try new pizzerias, and spend time with family and friends.

Services from Christos

Whether it’s a keynote presentation or a day of consulting, your organization will benefit from Christos’ insight and enthusiasm.

"What Do You Sell?"

This keynote presentation looks at the essence of customer service from the standpoint of human connection, emotion, self-awareness, and perception. It aims to spark discussions among leaders and staff about the influence of corporate culture on customer support.


Impact, Influence, and Inspire

Successful public speaking requires more than a well-written speech and creative visuals. Great speakers forge a genuine bond with their audiences. This 90-minute course offers techniques for speakers to enhance their communication and storytelling skills.

How to Influence Behavior

In this 90-minute training session on human behavior, Christos employs business psychology insights to refine your ability to observe, understand, and interact with others effectively. The course covers methods for message clarification, listener interpretation, and conflict resolution.

Consulting Services

Following his impactful presentations, many businesses and non-profits seek Christos’s expertise to review their operations. As a consultant, he observes, provides constructive feedback, and shows how to implement his strategies in your organization.

Do You Need an Inspirational Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event?

Christos Provistalis helps businesses as they seek to understand and improve the way they deal with clients and employees. His lessons about the deeper motivations behind behavior will lead to positive change at your workplace. Contact us today to get space on his presentation schedule.