Learn the Secrets of Motivational Leadership

Christos Provistalis Teaches How to Influence Behavior

Understanding human behavior is a powerful skill in the business world. The ability to elicit positive behaviors in both employees and customers will help your business thrive. Join Christos Provistalis for a 90-minute class that will develop your motivational leadership skills.

Coming in Fall of 2024

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Human Behavior Training Promotes a Positive Workplace Culture

How can you tell when someone is nervous when they’re speaking to you? How do you have a conversation and express a completely different point of view without having the other party get defensive? These kinds of questions shape our day-to-day interactions.

People’s choices are affected by several conscious and unconscious factors. Understanding the motivation behind their behaviors will go a long way in your ability to lead employees toward productivity and customers toward a sale. Alternatively, a lack of understanding can leave you confused by unexpected behaviors.

In his 90-minute class, How to Influence Behavior, Christos Provistalis provides helpful information based on the latest insights from business psychology. These motivational leadership skills can help everyone from managers to sales staff improve the way they interact with others.

Advanced Human Relations Training

How to Influence Behavior offers important insights into why people behave the way they do. A grasp of human behavior will bring many benefits to your business.

Christos speaking

Keynotes and Classes from Christos

Christos specializes in presentations that transform workplace culture. He helps organizations understand the motivation behind their customers and their business model.

"What Do You Sell?"

This 60-minute keynote presentation highlights to lessons Christos learned as a Guest Service Leader for the Disney corporation. Exploring the meaning behind a business’s services helps improve the experience of the customers who seek them.


Impact, Influence, and Inspire

Christos’ 90-minute course in public speaking teaches students the power of effective delivery to connect with an audience. They will learn strategies to capture an audience’s attention and hold them by intentionally making an emotional connection.

Consulting Services

Engaging Christos as a consultant adds to the benefits of his classes. Following his presentation, he will spend time observing your organization and provide feedback and suggestions. Getting an outside view helps businesses improve their operations.

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An Inspirational Speaker and Instructor

Christos Provistalis has seen the importance of affecting behavior in settings as wide-ranging as his family pizzeria in Connecticut to Disney World in Florida. Learning how attitude and motivation impact the customer experience has inspired him to develop a framework for teaching businesses to take an alternative approach to client care. He has helped many businesses and non-profits make the connection between the “why” and the “how” of their corporate culture.

A Keynote Speaker Who Inspires Businesses

Christos has presented and worked with a wide range of businesses and non-profits. Here are a few testimonials about the impact of his work.

I took part in an excellent Lunch & Learn today at my local boards office in Guilford! The speaker was Christos Provistalis, and the topic was close to my heart, customer service, but really came down to giving your clients the experience they are looking for. If you get a chance to hear him speak, take it!
Kate Siciliano profile image
Kate Siciliano
Excellent job Christos and thank you for sharing with us all. The power of leading with your heart goes a long way in this world. You just added another "Level" of fulfilling our client's dreams by always exceeding their expectations.
Christine J Small
Christine J Small
Mortgage Loan Officer
I am so happy we did this yesterday. You did a phenomenal job. I can't wait to implement some of the ideas that come up yesterday.
Kishore Kapoor
Kishore Kapoor
Real Estate Closing Attorney
Your talk was amazing! Thank you for sharing your story!
deon hornsby
Deon Hornsby
Underwriting Director at Private Client Select
Everyone! This is one of the most beautiful and incredible humans I have had the pleasure to meet! He was the guest speaker at our Master Mind Conference here in Lehi Utah. I've listened to and seen so many speakers in my time. And very few emotionally moved and touched an audience as he did. Not a dry eye in the room. Except me of course. My allergies were bothering me! He will become one of the most sought-after speakers in the years to come. I am so proud to be able to call Christos Provistalis my friend.
john crawley
John Crawley
President at JCA Insurance Services
Your heart for people and helping them connect to each other, is an amazing gift. Blessed to have met you.
Brett Merrill
Agent, AIP at Merrill Insurance
What an amazing and great way to kick off a Mastermind Retreat, thank you for your inspiration and training. It was an honor to meet you.
Daniel Groff
Daniel Groff
President and Founder at Full Service Insurance Agency - FSIA
Truly a life changing experience. I took every word to heart. Thank you for coming and speaking to us. We all felt honored to have you come and spend these 2 days with us. Next up, personality test!
aubrey riley
Aubrey Riley
Merrill Insurance
Your presentation at our Networking Event yesterday was moving and so inspiring! Great energy and very engaging!
dana flanagan
Dana Flanagan
President & Founder at Elevate Global Networking
You were inspirational. I had dozens of people tell me that was the best talk they had heard in a very long time.
Spencer Houldin
Spencer Houldin
President at Ericson Insurance Advisors
Incredible presentation yesterday! Wow! Thoughtful. Insightful. Smart. Relatable. Warm. And all with a great sense of humor. Thank you!
Marissa McCue profile image
Marissa McCue
Real Estate Agent
You had a room full of people silenced by your words. As I said, this is your why. There was a line of people wanting to hug you... you made me cry!
Claudia Giannangeli Dunsmore
Claudia Giannangeli Dunsmore
Mortgage Loan Officer
You were so inspiring! As I said, I could not put into words how you touched me on an emotional level yesterday!!! Thank you!!
doug blackwood
Doug Blackwood
Realtor Sales Associate
One of the best speakers I have learned from in along time. You did excellent Christos Provistalis!
wessly j anderson
Wessly J Anderson
President at InsurTech Utah
Listening to all your stories and experiences touched my heart. It was great to meet you and learn from you!
Jason Kilgo Founder of KilGO Insurance
Jason Kilgo
Founder of KilGO Insurance
Christos Provistalis your personal story and message was impactful to all those privileged enough to hear you speak last week! Looking forward to following your career as you inspire audiences across the country!
Christian DeLozier
Christian DeLozier
Proactive Business Risk & Insurance Advisor
Christos! What a pleasure to hear you speak and tell your story. I took away so much gold from what you shared. Thank you!
Enrique Cepero
Enrique Cepero
Risk Advisor
It was such a pleasure to meet you Christos Provistalis!!! You were very inspiring and motivating! Thank YOU!
Jessica Tewksbury
Jessica Tewksbury
Commercial Agent at Merrill Insurance
Wow... just wow. I just had the pleasure of seeing Christos Provistalis speak. In 90 minutes he changed the way I look at life and business. If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to him, you are missing out.motivating! Thank YOU!
Duncan Olaechea
Duncan Olaechea
Strategic Growth Manager
Your words will forever be with me. Thank you so much for inspiring us today.
brittney cuen
Brittney Cuen
Underwriter at Burns & Wilcox
I learned so much about people, connection, and came away with a deeper understanding of what it is I'm selling. I'm so thankful for this experience and hope to learn more.
Renee Taylor
Customer Service Specialist at Grimes Insurance Agency, Inc.

Influence Behavior to Change Your Corporate Culture

Motivational leadership begins with understanding the emotional and mental processes behind common behaviors. How to Influence Behavior provides the tools you need to create a positive atmosphere at your business. If the benefits of this program sound right to you, contact us to get a spot on Christos’ schedule.