A Business Motivational Speaker and Consultant

Bringing Emotional Intelligence to the Business World

Christos Provistalis has developed several presentations to inform and improve the corporate culture of businesses and nonprofits. He is a business motivational speaker who helps people understand the connections between motivation, purpose, and success.

Christos Provistalis: Professional Speaking Services

Whether you need a keynote speaker for your next corporate event or a consultant who can reframe your workplace practices, Christos will provide professional and engaging services.

"What Do You Sell?"

Christos’ main presentation describes how great customer service comes from connection, empathy, and a deep understanding of what motivates people. It is designed to start meaningful conversations about how company culture directly affects customer care.


Impact, Influence, and Inspire

Success in public speaking is as much about delivery as it is content. Effective speakers create an emotional connection with their audiences that keeps them engaged. This 90-minute course provides techniques to clarify your message and deliver memorable presentations.

How to Influence Behavior

Join Christos for a comprehensive 90-minute session that leverages business psychology to sharpen your skills in observing, understanding, and engaging with others more effectively. This class covers techniques to improve communication, interpretation, and conflict resolution.

Consulting Services

After hearing one of Christos’ game-changing talks, many groups want his advice on how to put his insights to practical use. As a consultant, Christos will observe your operation, bringing an outside point of view and providing tips for improving communication and workplace culture.

An Impactful Business Motivational Speaker

Christos Provistalis is here to guide companies in enhancing how they interact with customers and team members. His insights into the real reasons people act the way they do can transform your organization for the better. Reach out now to secure a spot in his presentation schedule.